Disaster Recovery

To provide maximum security and reliability for the DealMaker Managed Hosting model, we partner with Quality Tech located in the Atlanta metro area.


Their industry experience and track record meet our high standards for current and future demands for Managed Hosting facility requirements.

Quality Tech provides the secured physical environment necessary to keep DealMaker servers up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Quality Tech’s state-of-the-art facilities, network infrastructure and support services include:

  • Climate Controlled Space
  • Closed-Circuit Video Surveillance
  • Fingerprint and Retina Identification
  • Uninterrupted Power Source and Protection
  • Customer Equipment Storage
  • Internet Access up to 2.4 GB

To provide an added layer of security and availability for clients’ valuable data, we have added a Disaster Recovery (DR) facility. This DR Center resides in Equinix IBX which is located outside of New York City.


Standard configuration for the DealMaker Managed Hosting. We can provide custom configurations based on client requirements.


The network has multiple firewalls/zones, an Intrusion Prevention System SSL V3 using 256-bit encryption from a browser and a single point of entry into the application via Citrix Secure Gateway.


There is only a single point of entry into the DR facility. Coded key cards are required for entry into the data center and biometric scanners, along with surveillance cameras are located throughout the facility. There is also a database of individuals authorized to access the facility 24x7x365. A manned security force and facilities center support a state-of-the-art constant power supply and climate control systems.


Redundant and diverse fiber networks and multiple high-speed Internet connections cross connect with major data carriers.

“Dealmaker’s Business Objects tool is great for validating and maintaining sales, inventory and reference data—especially for organizations that are growing in size and users. Business Objects and its custom reporting streamlines my workflow, alerts me to any violations of our operational rules and allows us to maintain consistent, quality data which is key to delivering the best results for our advertisers.”

Eric Unvert
VP of Pricing, Planning & Analytics, Revolt TV
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