Scaling Addressable TV Heights: An interview with Steve Marshall

As seen on Beet.TV

November 23, 2015

This year, the promise of “addressable TV”, allowing advertisers to target individual TV sets, became a reality. But it remains just a slither of a US TV industry that is worth circa $75 billion.

“There’s two parts to scalability with addressable:,” says INVISION’s CEO Steve Marshall, whose company helps deliver ads to “addressable” TV sets:

  • “There’s the technology, being able to scale the backend technology to serve more ads in more commercial breaks.”
  • “Then there’s scaling the revenue.”

Marshall claims to be “very bullish on the ability to do both” but he thinks they won’t happen at the same time.

Watch the video interview here.

INVISION is an ideal partner providing us the ability to sell both linear and addressable television advertising in a seamless integrated platform, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our sales operations.” 
Jamie Calandruccio
Jamie Calandruccio, VP, Sales Planning & Operations, DirecTV