DMD Provides TV Advertising’s First End-to-End Solution for Addressable Campaigns

December 15, 2015

New York (BUSINESS WIRE) – INVISION Inc., the leader in multi-platform advertising sales software for media sellers, today announced a significant expansion of DMD, its advanced advertising sales platform.  Integrating DMD with audience targeting ad systems such as FreeWheel and INVIDI creates the industry’s first scalable multi-platform ad sales system supporting addressable campaigns for cable, satellite, broadcast, OTT and MVPD sellers.

“As consumers’ viewing habits continue to fragment across platforms, media companies face the challenge of how to adapt their existing processes and individual technologies to meet the increasing demands of advertisers looking to reach targeted audiences on multiple devices,” said Steve Marshall, INVISION’s co-founder & CEO. “DMD efficiently addresses this issue, providing the first end-to-end ad sales workflow solution for advanced targeting across linear, OTT and TV Everywhere systems.”

INVISION’s solution allows clients to unlock the full potential of their ad sales models, including addressable and VOD advertising. DMD creates, manages and stewards addressable campaigns in one platform and through integrations with FreeWheel, serves video ads across devices seamlessly. Similarly, INVIDI’s technology enables DMD users to simultaneously deliver multiple and distinct commercials to different households or individual set-top boxes during a single commercial break.

“Our DMD strategy is to continue to streamline the workflow process for our clients, allowing for management and optimization of inventory and audiences, across devices in one place, and ahead of industry trends,” said Marshall.

INVISION’s multi-platform solutions for unified, audience-based campaign selling have already been leveraged by leading early adopters of advanced advertising, including DirecTV, offering cross-platform addressable TV buying for the political advertising season.

“INVISION is investing in addressable, the future of television advertising,” said Travis Howe, SVP of Client Services and Operations of INVISION. “Advertisers can target specific audiences on multiple platforms and with efficiency through our DMD integrations. It’s a solution, but also an opportunity.”

In a complex digital marketplace, INVISION’s expansion of DMD simplifies, expedites and optimizes the multi-platform ad sales process. DMD’s end-to-end support includes proposal generation, contract management, inventory and rate card management, as well as finance and invoicing.

To view a demonstration of INVISION’s multi-platform ad solutions, contact Christina Barlowe, SVP of Strategic Sales & Consulting Services, at